Bikano nowadays has become a very popular brand as I have come across twice in a week. My mom bought Bikano namkeen and gulab jamun mix pack this time, from the store.
Soan papdi was really yummy and tastes very good, is completely fresh with good quality. Then mom made us have the gulab jamun pack on our family occasion and they were really soft. Bikano has started everything now from chips to snacks from drinks to sweets and all the products are really of good quality. I have tried its drink of Thandai Kesar, It is just superb, and you just take the chilled milk and water and add the Thandai Kesar in it. You will feel rejuvenated after drinking it! Highly recommended for drinks and sweets. Must try Bikano!
Deeksha Sachdeva
I am very fond of Bikano sweets and snacks range. I really like some products of Bikano specially Kaju Mixture, Kaju Doda. With ingredients like cashew nuts, potato slices, boondi and corn, Cornflakes mixture has my heart. This mixture stays with me in all my travels, and I can eat it anytime.
Coming on its packaging, It comes with nice sky blue colour packing in which a picture has been printed of this product on its front. According to me, it is a very good product. You must taste it.
Sonu Pal
I used to prefer other snacks. But one day I went to a shop to buy them and I found Bikano Products, like Moong Daal, Bikaneri Bhujia, Chatar Matar, and Chana Daal. So I thought why not give it a try. I picked Aloo Bhujia. And it tasted really well. A perfect example of quantity and quality. Thumbs up! Then I searched on the internet about the history of Bikano and I was surprised that it originated from Bikaner. It truly justifies its tag line #BarsonSeBikano
Dinesh Jogi
A couple of days ago I bought Bikano sweets. This was the first time when I shopped from Bikano. But to my surprise, it was really tasty along with the great packaging. I bought a combo pack of five at an offer. There were five different sweets in the pack, Besan Laddu, Panjeeri Laddu, Rasogulla, Gulab Jamun, and Boondi Laddu.
All the above products give complete justice to my sugar-tooth. I really recommend Bikano Sweets range for the festive season and otherwise too.
Abhishek Jha
Hey Readers, most of the time I work late in night and you all are aware after 2 am hunger strikes badly, in that case the only savage is munching on Bikano. It has a wide range of products but my craving sets on sweets and sometimes snacks like crunchy munchy or chips but most of the time Bikaneri Bhujia. So, I would say DIL KI MAANO, KHALO BIKANO!
Tahir Sukhija
“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I really enjoy your Panjeeri laddu.
Vinod Tiwari
Whenever I go out to eat I always grab Bikano Diet Mixture on my way back home.
Abhinav Tyagi
From crispy savouries to sweetest delights, Bikano serves all kinds of taste buds from a very long time. I munch on Bikano every day, so do I recommend it. #BarsonSeBikano! Cheers!
Kanishka Chanda
I must say Aloo Bhujia Taste is more than superb!
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